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Vendor Booths $700. Includes 2 full passes (prices subject to increase)One 6 x 3 Table ONLY. CLOTHING RACKS NOT PERMITTED , UNLESS YOU UPGRADE ( Upgrade fee $100).Includes 2 Full Passes (Thursday - Sunday) Vendors must be pre- approved in order to purchase this ticket. Vendors may set up their booths after 7pm on Thursday night . It is the vendors discretion as to what hours they would like to operate their booth.Vendors are permitted to sell during the hours of 9am - 5am. Table location is based on the order of the date purchase.  Most prominent tables will be given to those who purchased the vendor booth tickets first.ALL vendor booth MUST BE CLEARED by 3am on Monday August 9th.  Any booth not cleared will be dismissed by the hotel and LABF is not responsible for the loss of goods.IMPORTANT: All vendors must be approved by event staff. For approval, send descriptions or advertisement image of your product to:

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