Ticket transfers

Can I transfer my pass? 

  • You may transfer your pass to our next event for no additional fee. The tickets can only be transferred ONCE.

  • You may transfer your pass to another person,  a $25 service fee applies.

  • You may ONLY transfer a ticket ONCE.

  • If you choose to transfer your ticket the original purchaser will no longer have access to that ticket and the ticket ow belongs to the person that the ticket was transferred to.

  • Make sure you follow the instructions below to complete your transfer.

To transfer your ticket to another event follow these instructions (no fee)

1. Login to www.eventbrite.com

2. Go to Ticket Section

3. Transfer to next event

No fee will be assessed. Reminder that you can only transfer to your self and do a one time event transfer. 

To transfer your ticket to another person follow  all 3  instructions ($25 fee)

1.  Click the following link and purchase your Transfer ticket



2. Send a copy of your receipt to labftransfer@gmail.com with the specific Subject line : "Transfer ticket from (your name) to (the new persons name) "

3. One you send your email to us with your receipt and correct subject line you will be all set. You will not receive any other correspondence. SO make sure the person that you are transferring your ticket to has a copy of the receipt, and they bring their photo ID to registration at the door to receive their pass.

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