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volunteer program

Thank you for learning about our Volunteer Opportunities. The Volunteer program allows you become part of our team prior and or during the Festival, in doing so, you'll experience the behind the scenes process. You'll enjoy the Festival as a Contributor and Attendee.

Below are the necessary steps to join our Team.


Step 1: Buy your Full Pass FIRST (Price ​increases monthly)

You must first have a pass in order to enter into the volunteer program. Yes you NEED to buy a pass first. Upon Completion of your Responsibilities, you will be refunded. Refunds take ​5-10 ​business days​ to process after the weekend of the Festival.


Buy your Full Pass Here, it must be a “Full Pass”


Step 2: Email our team with your availability AND your Purchase Confirmation number/receipt

(no one will be recruited until we receive your confirmation)  to


Step 3: Commit to the exact hours given. Performers are required to volunteer 7 hours, non-performers are required to volunteer 10 hours. 


Important: Punctuality is very important, therefore, if you are late to a shift or don't show up to your post, penalty charges will apply.


For every ​5 ​minute​s​ late, a $5 deduction will be made from your Refund Amount.

For every hour missed, there will be a $25 deduction from your refund. 

These refunds will be deducted from the original full pass reimbursement.


​The Volunteers are an integral part of our event, therefore​, accountability and professionalism are two key components of the success of the event, and that’s why we created this structure to hold everyone accountable.


Thank you for your interest,



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