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About the founders

Leslie Ferreira.

Jorge Contreras & Leslie Ferreira

Festival Organizer

Leslie Ferreira

Meet Leslie Ferreira, the visionary catalyst behind LA's vibrant Bachata scene!

As the dynamic force and owner of 3rd Street Dance, one of the city's most iconic dance studios, she's not just a business leader—she's the creative genius powering The Los Angeles Bachata Festival, a highly anticipated bi-annual extravaganza.

For over 15 years, Leslie has electrified the LA Bachata Festival, shaping it into an essential celebration. Her influence in Bachata extends far beyond the dance floor, as she inspires a devoted passion for movement and rhythm through her classes.

Teaming up with Jorge Contreras in 2008, the two  revolutionized the city's musical landscape, curating  remarkable Bachata concerts featuring global stars like Prince Royce, Toby Love, Luis Miguel Del Amargue, Luis Vargas, Vena, Bachata Heightz and many more. 

Their collective efforts didn't  just popularize Bachata; it wove its vibrant beats deeply into the cultural fabric of Los Angeles creating many first's in Los angeles.

Leslie's mission extends beyond teaching steps and hosting events;  it's about instilling confidence, and nurturing an unbridled love for rhythm that knows no bounds.

Taking  classes from her doesn't just mean mastering dance—it means stepping into roles as instructors, performers, and champions on the world stage.


For Leslie Ferreira, dance isn't a mere career—it's a profound calling. Her story resonates with dedication, empowerment, and an unyielding commitment to sharing the extraordinary power of dance with the world.

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